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Yellow Dock!

This herb is a friend to all! Yellow Dock is a power plant. The entire plant can be consumed but the root and fruit (according to WebMD. I had no clue the fruit was used at all) are what is used for medicine.

I found Yellow Dock through an herbalist that I follow on Instagram. She recommended it to build immune system health and prevent cough and cold. Even though I didn't have a cold then, I was still eager to try a new herb. I'm a plant nerd, and I'm not ashamed. I went to my local herbalist skipping like a fairytale character. Shameless! And my herbalist was happy to help. But much like fairytales a warning was given with my concoction. 'It's a bit strong so only steep a little and not for too long'.

That was an understatement. When it comes to taste with Yellow Dock, let's just say you know for a fact that you are drinking a root. Usually, I steer away from plants that taste like ass but this plant is so good that I'm willing to make herbal infusions or tinctures to help. And what does this plant help with? I'm so glad that I imagined your train of thought that you asked.

Yellow Dock helps with most lower body health. Things like digestion and liver health even sexual health. This plant helps heals liver damage. It also helps hydrate your bowels for regulation. It is anti-bacterial and antifungal. Yellow Dock is also said to help with sexual health and sexually transmitted diseases including herpes.


VERY IMPORTANT!! DON'T CONSUME ANY PLANT THAT YOU READ ABOUT BEFORE CONSULTING YOUR DOCTOR ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS. Some plants react to different medicines that you may be taking and some have dose requirements by age/pre-existing condition.

I've only seen Yellow Dock as a loose-leaf tea or tincture but you can also get it capsulated to avoid that nasty as fuck taste. I'll be doing that soon.

I've been using Yellow Dock recently to get rid of a cold. It's been so helpful.

Take time to research this plant on your own!

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