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Super Wolf Blood Moon Zodiac Reading

This Super Wolf Blood Moon is powerful. What we do with these energies now is imperative to the strength we bring into the year and our future. Say goodbye to emotional baggage and hello to courage. 

These Zodiac readings will tell you what energies you need to be focusing on this Super Wolf Blood Moon. And as always, read for your Sun, Moon and Rising signs. If you don't know what those are you can check your Natal Chart* here: https://astro.cafeastrology.com/natal.php

What is a Natal Chart? https://youtu.be/041VIBQSPgg

Capricorn: For this super blood moon you need to focus on love. It is a time to be more passionate in your love pursuits. No matter with friends, family or lovers, express your love to them. Remove all self limiting thoughts. You are loved right back. 

Aquarius: Now is the time to have faith in your future. Ok, yea, things didn't work out in the past. That happens to everyone. Focus on new prospects. There is fertile ground in your field that is begging for your attention. If you focus on your failures you'll never see you're opportunities. 

Pisces: Joy is your main focus! Be happy that you are walking away from things that no longer serve you. You are walking into the future where there is only possibilities, happiness, love and completion. 

Aries: Restructure your way of living. Look around you. Who's slowing you down and who's holding you up? Avoid focusing on things you have lost. Getting lost in the past will stop you from the clear thinking need for taking actions towards prosperity. 

Taurus: If you are feeling nervous about your relationship with others, you need to control your mental and emotional state. You can't just fly off the handle one day and expect things to be perfect when you get back to it. Focus on using logic and empathy. Apologies when you need to and do self affirming acts. Complete personal projects that benefit only you, on your own, so that you can remember that you are more than these moments of lack of control. 

Gemini: Now is the time to focus on the fruitful ideas you produce. Just because others don't see it doesn't mean that you don't. They can see the finished product, ok! You are the visionary, so be a visionary! Focus on nurturing your life in such a way that the things you create last a lifetime. 

Cancer: Don't worry, be happy! You're completing projects, your money is right or at least you have what you need. Focus on joy, happiness and completion. Focus on that future goal cause it's coming!

Leo: Focus on the super chill person you can be now. You've been through a lot. Seriously, a lot! And you've learned a lot about yourself, your pain and your glory. Focus on the growth you've made and the peaceful future that is coming to you. 

Virgo: True love is more than charisma and nice words. How you love someone, how you receive love and how love is given should be your focus. The love wasn't real. You are transitioning into the lover you are supposed to be. Communication is key to success here. Make sure you are coming from the heart, being honest and using what you learned. 

Libra: This is a high manifestation time for you libra so focus on defending your creative pursuits and ideas. Invest in yourself and save some money too. Be ready for your blessings! Don't get arrogant and make sure you are being honest. That way you know who's really on your team.

Scorpio: Now is the time to focus on what brings you joy. Be honest with yourself about your happiness. You've had to defend yourself a lot and sometimes you got the short end of the stick. You've lost and you've loved. Despite it all, you have learned. Love yourself. Do things to brings elation into your world.

Sagittarius: Focus on bringing out your inner boss mode. I always think of famous swag-ittarius Nicki Minaj with yall. At her best, shes catching M's and dropping bars that make the masculine energies on the track bow down. At her worst, shes throwing shade, being manipulative and oppressive. Be Nicki at her best. Be you at your best! Be the best boss you can be because despite what's going on in the world, you have a lot of better things coming to you than uncontrolled emotions. 

Go enjoy your life. Much love!!


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