My Journey

A Spiritual Guide

My name is Billie. In my family, what I do is quite 'normal'. Accurate psychic predictions and channeling frequencies are talents that we have had for generations. For me, my abilities are first nature. I started showing gifts for divination at a very young age, and over the years I have gained comprehensive knowledge of integrative therapies such as tarot, spiritual crafts, archetype symbolism, aromatherapy healing support, energy work, aura readings, past life readings, rituals, psychedelic healing, and psychic readings. My services give life guidance and alleviation that helps my clients for years to come. 

Why Mother of Nine? Mother of Nine is the Goddess Oya. The mother of storms, the protector. She is the goddess that I am most aligned with, and she has blessed me greatly.

Healing Services

A New Inner-standing Awaits

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"No matter the storm, I am guided"